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reorganized the structure of my thoughts gemlog thing so I can submit it to spacewalk and so that posts can be linked to in case any conversation goes on.

shout out to my friend meauxdal who got me to listen to the latest T-SQUARE album, AI Factory, this morning. it's great Japanese jazz fusion and you should go listen to it if you're into that.

Re: Bombadillo, Gemini, and Markup formats

sloum added rudimentary HTML rendering to a branch of Bombadillo. I think it does so in a sane way, but I would not like to see usage of HTML in geminispace encouraged by more clients supporting HTML rendering. I appreciate the low-bandwidth, human-readable nature of gemtext and how geminispace makes tracking users difficult by design, and allow indiscriminate HTML rendering feels like it's backing away from those values. maybe if clients could agree upon a safe subset of tags (see solderpunk's shizaru web server for an example) I would be less bothered by it but I dunno...