found out about “cooking comically”, a webcomic of sorts that shares easy recipes semi-regularly.

will be adding this to my rotation of recipe sites I check when I’m low on inspiration for what to make... like probably this coming week

my boss gave me last friday off. I spent most of it in bed catching up on various Internet things. I wanted to devote the day to personal creative projects but I was just too exhausted to do anything :(

was supposed to record a podcast on Saturday afternoon with my pal Richard about Japanese rail stations, but had to postpone at the last minute because I felt pretty sick. we did it this afternoon instead and it seems like it turned out really well. hope it will be well-received when it drops next Sunday!

think I've got the big ideas for the RPG battle system I'm designing down, so I'm gonna try to prototype it soon to see if it's actually fun to play before I go ham on coding it for real