/r/judo: Over correcting beginners might do more harm than good.

not into martial arts at all, but just from going through mandatory education, too many gym teachers have yelled unhelpful feedback at me way before I had any idea what I was doing or was ready to incorporate any of it. it was like they were offended I had no body awareness and bad at sports and exercise, when really they should have given me the time to get comfortable doing it wrong before correcting me harshly. the more tolerable of my gym teachers took a more hands-off approach.

Wikimedia Foundation Blog: Wikipedia is getting a new look for the first time in 10 years. Here’s why.

fingers crossed that this doesn't lead to what happened with wikia, where the standard mediawiki themes were gutted out and replaced with these atrocious bloated themes with bad information density and tons of sticky elements, mostly ads and autoplaying video. a bunch of really good community wikis went to shit overnight when they did this, and I actively try to avoid fandom/wikia wikis in favor of wikis with more sane layouts, especially when on mobile where I have a tighter metered plan.