watched joshua stein's video about C programming on System 6 over lunch.

it's retro computing ASMR.

it filled me with a bunch of nostalgia. my family found a 512k mac at a yard sale in Shawinigan one year and it became my bedroom computer for a while, before I upgraded to an SE/30. those machines were where I did much of my computer tinkering as a child, and it's neat to see people are still tinkering with them and writing new software for them today. I would download every major version of the OS the machine could run and try each of them for a couple days, living through an accelerated history of the evolution of the mac. it was awesome.

the simplicity of the Think C toolchain is so refreshing compared to the giant bloated IDEs or tangled webs of JavaScript tooling we are expected to use today. one of the more refreshing parts of relying on lua for my game development projects is finally being able to write in a language where I don't feel like I need any developer tooling at all. sit me in front of a machine with a stock vim install and the lua runtime installed, and I've got everything I need to feel productive. that was the great thing about the Web in the old days too.