2020-10-06 (replies)

re: "I kind of resent blogs" by adiabatic

One of the things I’ve noticed is that it’s difficult to get your work noticed in Gemspace if you don’t have some kind of Atom feed.

is it? there isn't really a built-in mechanism through which you would be made aware whether your work is being noticed or not, and that's by design. I don't know how common this is, but I don't find it to require much effort to keep up with everything that shows up on the main CAPCOM/spacewalk instances so I keep up with it regularly.

there wasn't any contact information anywhere in your gemini capsule, so I can't reach out and tell you that I've responded to your post, so I guess we'll see if you notice this. this gemlog doesn't have a feed of any kind, so if you see it, I guess content *can* be noticed without an atom feed.

On the other hand, having a single-file blog was kind of a neat idea and I might actually use it in the future.

Now its insistence on titles grates. I think I’d rather patch Spacewalk to handle JSON Feeds in addition to Atom feeds. Unlike CAPCOM†, I don’t think I need to do anything weird to have it handle nonexistent titles…because it doesn’t seem to display titles anyway.

spacewalk only monitors if a gemtext page has been modified, and since you like the idea of a single-file blog, it seems like it's already sufficient for your use case. spacewalk works great for single page gemlogs, or for subscribing to an archive page (like is the case for this gemlog) which links to individual articles, but the only scenario I can think of where it would benefit from feed support would be gemini capsules with a hierarchy of content (park-city.club's library comes to mind) and in that case, merely finding out the capsule has changed isn't that useful a piece of information. in that case, I would rather use a tool like CAPCOM that would help me drill down to the specific page that was changed.

related recommended reading: "Unadorned Gemtext Instead of Syndication Formats", by easeout from about a month ago