2020-11-03 (replies)

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re: "Gemini and POST" by ew0k

You want to write a gemlog? Well, get a hosting space. All you need is ssh or sftp, and a familiarity with the terminal wouldn't hurt. That's a *big* hurdle to climb for those who aren't technically savvy.

a handful of gemini hosts offer a web-based interface to manage and update a gemlog, including the one this gemlog is hosted on:




aside from that, if you are not technically savvy and these web frontends aren't an option, a lot of the tildeverse tries to be a friendly learning environment for people who wish to become more proficient in using unfamiliar computer environments (especially linux and other unixes) without the risk of messing up their personal computer.

if you aren't interested in becoming more capable with computers to begin with, I have trouble believing you would find yourself to be drawn to gemini in the first place. not impossible, just highly unlikely.

How would You build a forum, gemlog portal, wiki, or survey site in geminispace?

if I had to make one of those applications, I would probably use titan because it seems to stick to the gemini philosophy pretty closely and it seems well-suited to all those use cases. but I really would rather not because that's outside the scope of what gemini is trying to be. gemini is a delivery method for documents, it's not trying to be a platform for applications, nor should it be.

I could make this post longer but I would only be repeating some of the points that already came up in the mailing list thread about dioscuri a month ago