Final Fantasy Tactics

Tried to play FF Tactics for the first time this week (in Japanese) since I figured it was time, given how much I enjoyed playing FFTA when I was younger.

It is kind of jarring how serious the tone is in FFT versus the Advance titles. FFTA goes to some very dark places, but overall it feels quite lighthearted by default. I’ve only played a few missions in FFTA2 but I got a very similar vibe from it.

FFT in comparison is this political bullshit snorefest I do not have the patience for. I kinda get having played bits of FFT, FF12, and Vagrant Story throughout the last year that “political bullshit snorefest” is the actual Ivalice, and that FFTA is kind of a bad introduction to Ivalice that is in no way representative of the rest of the games that take place in it, but Jesus Christ, if these games weren’t so interesting for mechanical/aesthetic/historic reasons, I would have quit them almost immediately.

Maybe I am just extremely worn down by Politics All Day Everyday and the last thing I want to do is come home and play a game that is absolutely dripping in politics. All I know is that it is extremely not the game I want to be playing right now. Made some sweet character build spreadsheets though.

Originally posted on the selectbutton Forums on September 12th, 2020 10:13 pm