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publicly visible inbox for stuff I should do something with.

inspired by acdw's work notes.

programming idioms

rebase considered harmful

canada modern


wheel reinvention jam


so you want to write a GUI framework

bus factor

zombie mode / autopilot

pokemon snap station reverse-engineering

mariko aoki phenomenon

a better online experience

20 CDs curated by Steve Jobs


react and elm inspired frameworks for swift

plain org

someone else who built their own remake of their favorite music app

a simple way to build collaborative web apps

elm cheatsheet

elm at rakuten

tech interview handbook

web-based uxn tooling


the rise of user-hostile software



dos haven - dos games made in the 21st century

list of tech migrations


i used to love bootstrap

trinity desktop environment (KDE3 equivalent to MATE/GNOME2)

polymath playbook

"good moves to spam" in tekken tag

burning out and quitting

software development waste

traditional mtg "modifier"

filth casserole mtg



learn X in Y minutes

apollo core - modern-style 68k processor on fpga

this page is designed to last

jsc my new best friend

side projects vs industry

10 ways guile is 10x better

sph website

project nayuki

software crisis 2

json meta application protocol

documents != programs

the seniority roller coaster

amigemini - amiga gemini client

the future needs files

apkeep - apk downloader by the eff

bungie c++ guidelines

joker lang

pirating gpl software

switching i3

forgetting my first language

kei car HN thread

website best practices for textual websites

single page app morality play

oppen's mercury/mariner client in chipmunk basic

lonely chairs at CERN

kokuyo jibun techo

self-hosters vice piece

palmos on rpi

the story of xemacs

software should convey a sense of calm

milc timeline for podcast

regret minimization

electron isn't cancer but it is a symptom of a disease

boring languages

long term consequences of maintainers' actions

opinion-driven design

small website discoverability crisis


dieter rams design principles applied to software

bringing back blogs

dell inspiron 16, the best linux productivity laptop

how to get fit as a software engineer

what's the deal with a/ux anyways

classic console neue

space barley

simple systems manifesto

modding fridays

teaching by filling in knowledge gaps

first rule of ml: start without ml

brag documents



research topics