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publicly visible inbox for stuff I should do something with.

inspired by acdw's work notes.


tldr pages

Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to extend.

architecture playbook

tagged netstrings

if something can't be managed in vim, it's too complex

good things about go

programming in the large/small

a FreeBSD desktop howto

another FreeBSD desktop howto

how about OpenBSD desktop howtos instead?

openbsd on a laptop

post about switching from the Mac to FreeBSD

zuke, a plan 9 music player

web accessibility evaluation tool

1MB Club

250kb Club

NoJS Club

plain text project

low tech webring

Damn Small Linux on a Libretto 50CT

text-only websites

on the usability of editable software

mechanical keyboards 101

mechanical keyboards 201

configuring openbsd as a time capsule

creamy spinach and mushroom rigatoni recipe


unhosted webapps

about values in software projects

composable architecture for swift FRP

distributing apps outside the MAS

macsparky backup guide 2021

gaming hell article on cleopatra fortune

pixel art cross stitch artist


wardrobe analysis post



research topics